Evelyne and Joselyn

417218_web_R_by_Jean-Pierre Brandenburger_pixelio.deOne evening when I was walking home along the beach I passed a little bar. It was not true that the bar was directly at the beach, rather slightly off the beach under the palm trees, about 100 metres away from the shore. The music they played there was good and to be heard from the distance – actually it was the real reason why I went there for the first time. At the bar Joselyn was sitting alone. We starting talking, how it just happens in a bar. It was a non-committal, funny discussion. On the next evening the situation repeated itself just that, that evening Joselyn was there in double edition. Identical twins are always an exciting appearance. And these two sisters were funny.

On the following evening again just one of them was there. We talked and I told her that I planned to visit the evening market that day. She said that she had brought almost all food because she does not like Thai food and is afraid of a food poisoning. For me it was hard to comprehend because on the first evening she had told me that she would stay in Thailand for three months. Imagine taking food for three months with you!!

And then I got to know the story of this fear. Today Evelyne has just one kidney and that originally belonged to her twin sister. After one year of dialysis it was clear that Evelyne requires a donor organ. Because her situation was deteriorating rapidly. Joselyn was willing to donate her kidney and there is no better donor organ than the one of an identical twin sister. Back then her transplantation was the first by a living donor in Ireland. Even the then-president appeared in the hospital and the media echo was big.

According to Evelyne, a stranger’s donor kidney keeps for 10 years, of a related person for 20 years and that of a twin sister forever. But the most astonishing is that no drugs for supressing the immune system are necessary. Evelyne lives for years with that donor kidney. The biggest difference is the conscious living in the NOW without postponing something to tomorrow or the day afterwards.

In a bar it is easy to talk about these things and even if one does not notice it with Evelyne, I think that a certain “fear” is always present.

Bildquelle: Jean-Pierre Brandenburger  / pixelio.de

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