HOW tax matters – tax influence on NHL

People walking in a park with trees   PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_48164.jpgRecent study from Americans for Tax Reform and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has found that, of the 123 Unrestricted Free Agents who changed their teams in the NHL during the 2014 off-season, 57% went to teams in states or provinces with lower taxes. CTF National Research Director Jeff Bowes said “The numbers don’t lie; NHL players take a financial hit to play in certain jurisdictions… the fact remains that disparities in tax rates leave some teams at a major disadvantage”. In dollar terms, the Los Angeles Kings players paid the highest amount, with $27.8m to the federal government and $8.5m to the state. The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers tied for the lowest jurisdictional tax rate at 38.5%, with the Florida, Texas, and Tennessee teams close behind at 40.5%.

For further details click here

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