Michaela Merz

Elena’s tale of woe

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElena and Karim had been a couple for four years. They knew each other since they were 17 and as they had grown up together, they knew each other inside out.

Then the invitation for a snow hiking week came. There were too few participants and they could join at a cheap price. Elena got to know that 8 of the participants were men and that there was not a single couple. She thought that it would be rather stupid if they were the only couple. It was not very difficult to convince Karim that they should pretend being half brother and sister. The different surnames they would explain with another marriage of the mother and two different fathers.

The week was great. During the days they went hiking through the wild, snow-covered landscape of the Lower Tatra and in the evenings they played games or had passionate discussions as only young people in their early twenties know them. Elena made friends with one of the girls called Magda. They got along well from the start, laughed together and talked a lot.

Two days after their return, Magda called Elena and confided to her that she found her brother Karim very handsome and attractive. Elena could not bring herself to tell Magda the truth as she was afraid that the starting friendship may take an abrupt end. Elena thought that this issue would resolve itself by the time and that one day Elena would be able to tell Magda everything.

But two days later Magda called again and told Elena full of enthusiasm that Karim had invited her to the cinema. Elena was speechless but did not say anything. Her relationship with Karim was good and deep but they did not tell each other everything and gave each other room. But Elena was nevertheless surprised because Karim had not told her a single word. For Elena it felt like a little treason but she did not want to appear jealous and bossy and did not say anything to Karim. Nonetheless she was suffering.

But that was only the beginning of Elena’s tale of woe. From that on Magda starting calling every three days and was slobbering over Karim’s virtues, about their walks together, visits to cinema and exhibitions. From call to call Magda fell more in love with Karim. Elena felt helpless during these calls and betrayed by Karim, even though this was not really the case because according to Magda’s telling Karim had never touched her.

That went on for more than two months and Elena became more and more quiet and more distant in her relationship to Karim but she could not say a word neither to Magda nor to Karim. Finally it had been her stupid idea that Karim and herself should pretend being half brother and sister and it became clearer and clearer for her that she would be badly punished for this lie.

It became also clear for Elena that the end of that story would cause a lot of pain. It was not possible to get out without consequences.

On Friday Magda called and the joy in her voice was not to be overheard already in the greeting. She was jubilant and told that the day before after the cinema Karim had kissed her for the first time and that now they were a couple. That evening Magda would have loved to be with Karim at her place but Karim did not want and said that he needed a bit of time. Even though Karim and Magda had not had sex, it was clear for Elena that trust cannot be repaired. During the phone call she decided to split with Karim.

Elena had invited Karim for Sunday afternoon and had packed all things, which he had at her place and with have heart the set to implement her plan.

Karim came on time and kissed her on the lips and before she could even say something he said that he had something to confess. Then he told her for the first time the entire story with Magda, which Elena actually already knew in all details. The facts were correct and also the kiss was mentioned. Karim apologised and wanted absolution.

Elena forgave him and remained together with Karim. But as Elena had suspected correctly, Magda could not forgive her.


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