European athletics championships – little mistakes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather did not mean it well with this event. Even though it was August, the temperatures were not summerlike and rain was a continuous attendant. But when I visited the final events on Sunday afternoon in the Letzigrund stadion, it was really summer. It was warm but not hot, sunny and friendly. Perfect for establishing new records. Unfortunately that did not happen but otherwise the afternoon was dramatic enough.

It was fascinating to watch Europe’s elite. Javelin throws, where Antti Ruuskanen (88.01m) and Tero Pitkämäki (84.40m) from Finland provided an incredible contest with the Czech world champion Vitezslav Vesely (84.79 m). And even funnier the little remote-controlled electronic cars as technical gadgets, which returned the javelins. Also exciting were women high jump or long jump of the men. But honestly, the most exciting competitions are the running disciplines. At that Sunday the big dramas took place in these disciplines. For example the mass falls at the men 1500m, which luckily enough went off lightly.

But the worst were the relays. Imagine you trained for months so that you can carry the baton over the 100m in the stadium, you stand on the running track, the starting signal goes off and you are absolutely concentrated, tense to the last muscle in the little finger with the will to win. You wait but the handover does not take place. Exactly that happened to the Swiss women team (but not just them). With her explosive start, the Swiss talent Mujinga Kambundji as the first in the relay hit the baton out of her hand and the race was finished for the Swiss team within seconds after the start.

I felt very sorry for the four women. But in that moment I also had to think of my own unexpected defeats in private and business life. There were some of them and it hurt very much! It took some time until I overcame them. But from all these defeats I learned a lot. They are part of my success. I was able to recover from all of them and got better. I don’t want to miss them because success alone can lead to arrogance.

Ladies, heads up, I wanted to shout, it will work out the text time!!

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