Bryan Adams – joy at Live at Sunset

Bryan could be Swiss. Because his concert started punctually like a Swiss watch. This does not happen too often with world-famous singers. I am used to wait for the world-famous pop musicians. Half an hour is normal, one hour nothing unusual. I don’t like it; rather find it arrogant to no end, but what’s the use of getting upset about things which one cannot change!

The Dolder was sold out; already the first song propelled everyone within seconds from their seats. People sang, danced and clapped enthusiastically.

One half of the audience, which had stood up with the first song, did not even sit down again and followed the entire concert standing. The other half of the audience in the back, where I was sitting, stood up time and again but also sat down again. But in the last third of the concert not a single person was sitting. Everybody was standing, clapping, dancing and singing. Bryan had managed within a short time to turn a group of reserved, middle-aged Swiss into a riotous, quavering and singing crowd of excited partying people. It showed once again that it does not require special stage effects, dancers and half-naked women to make an audience boil. Good music is enough. And Bryan makes good music.

It seemed that the audience only consisted of very inveterate fans. How one knows? The audience sang along every song and knew the texts. I felt like a pig in clover between them (even though I did not know the texts). Lulled in the warm Zurich summer dusk, feeling completely belonging, into music, the evening went by flying without a break.

There were two special highlights. The first one when Bryan Adams said that he wanted to take someone to the stage to duet a song with him. He set two conditions: to know the text, which was probably a child’s play for everyone apart from me and secondly he wanted boundless enthusiasm. He chose Sonja from Lachen. She absolutely fulfilled his two conditions. The only thing she was not good at was singing. But let’s be honest, that did not really matter, neither for Bryan Adams nor for the audience. Her boundless enthusiasm made up for everything.

The second highlight was the announcement by Bryan Adams that he always duets the following song and that he intends to do so also tonight. Like he had done with Tina Turner. And his announcement was so suggestive that we all thought that actually the grand dame would come, who lives only a few kilometres from this stage. But she did not come. What a pity!! But the duet with his guitarist was also great.

Yes, Bryan Adams knows what he is doing very well. And he also could be Swiss. As punctual as he had started, as punctual he ended. Without a single song as encore, despite thundering applause. As I mentioned, a humble person starts and ends punctually, sticks to engagements and in between produces first class performance!! He could really be Swiss!

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