Michaela Merz

CRY FOR HELP – my bike, my BMC beauty was stolen

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My first encounter with a mountain bike was years ago. A friend of mine borrowed one to me and we went for a bike tour together. After a short time I silently cursed the vehicle. It was terribly uncomfortable!! The saddle reminded me of a torture instrument and I did not know how to get out of this predicament. I could not sit without pain and to continue biking while standing was very tiring. It was terrible. I was hoping for some kind of miracle so that I would not have to go any further. For my pride did not allow me to complain.

After two hours we stopped in a tiny, deserted village in front of a small grocery shop to buy ice cream. We were the only ones and the entire shopping took perhaps 5 minutes. When we came out of the shop my friend’s mountain bike was gone. Mine was still standing there, lonely and abandoned. My friend took my bike and went searching for his bike. We could not ask anyone so his trying was well meant however only with moderate success chances. He returned 20 minutes later, breathless and exhausted. Back then I felt ashamed. What I had secretly and unsaid wished for had come true in a distressing way. We went to the police, but the bike was never found.

Last Sunday I went with my son by bike to the indoor swimming. I took three bike locks and chained the bikes thoroughly together for 10 minutes and even fixed them to a metal pole. If things get stolen once, one gets cautious. When we came back after the swimming, I realised that I had only two keys with me and had forgotten the third one at home. Consequently we could not go away. My older daughter had to help us so that we could get home. Is it really necessary to have three locks?

And this Sunday we wanted to visit an exhibition by Mani Matter and the press photos in the Landesmuseum. In front of the museum are bike parking spaces and a sign saying that these are CCTV monitored. We met there with friends of my son and since they also came by bike we locked all four bikes together and went to the museum. After one and a half hours later we returned and I could not believe my eyes. Both adult bikes were gone, also the locks, only the two small children’s bikes were left. I was close to tears. My bike had been a gift, which I had received in 2009. I went countless kilometres with it. I had countless adventures with it. My bike became part of my family, quiet, reliable and always there for me until that day. Someone did material harm to me and brought me emotionally out of balance. I was hurt and it was difficult to find my balance again. We then went to the police. My first time at the Urania police station, crowded with police men fully dressed in black uniforms. But they were not there to search for my bike but were on their way to a football match.

The police woman was nice and helpful and asked whether my bike is covered by insurance. No, my insurance policy does not cover simple theft outside my house. And as it turned out, the CCTV pictures are useless.

Now I need help! If you find two bikes with the frame number G0509FS2 230008 and / or 1901966 on a bike market, please let me know. I want to have my old bike back. Because I miss it very much.

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