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Three times a week I go swimming in the early morning to the Oerlikon indoor swimming pool. Unnoticed I so became a member of the early morning swimming community. One sees each other regularly, on starts to greet each other. The Swiss are not a country of people, who would start to talk to each other, if they see each other 365 days a year. Heaven forbid!! That would be too close.

The swimming community however is – just like Zurich itself – very multicultural. At the beginning people do not talk to each other, but after a while one wishes each other a good day, asks how people are and is wondering, whether someone was on holidays or sick, if one does not turn up for a fortnight.

I enjoy seeing the friendly elderly lady, who always wishes me a nice day with a smile, just like the gentleman of my own age, who always holds the entrance door for me. Somehow we are all equal in the early morning, in our wet swimming suits. I don’t know, what their names are, I don’t know what they are doing and it is good that way.

Today I had a difficult meeting. From the opposite party several gentlemen were present, who I had not seen before. Apart from one. That was the gentleman, next to whom I regularly stand when drying my hair after swimming. I recalled the light-blue colour of his swimming trunks. But I didn’t say anything and he neither. The meeting was difficult and took an unfavourable turn. Until he stepped in and we found a solution and met halfway. Both sides were relieved. When we were leaving the room he came over to me and said: “I trust swimmers. Have a good day.” And walked away.

There one can see how useful swimming can be even in business life.

One thought on “Acquaintances

  1. Hm… I think I should take this as a motivation to kick my sports regime up a notch… 🙂


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