Customer Care

I love my BMW because of Mr Stofer. Mr Stofer is like a rising sun at sea, like an exclusive wellness treatment for the soul. Mr Stofer works in customer service. He is the first person I see when bringing my car to the garage.
He smiles at me, every time and without exception. He is always friendly and affable. He is always in a good mood. He knows my car’s history straightaway when he sees me. I am always looking forward to seeing him. Just to think of him and his genuine interest for my worries lifts my spirits. It’s almost a pity that my car needs to go to the garage only twice a year. Because of him I would be willing to stop by every week. 

The equivalent to Mr Stofer at the BMW garage is Mrs Kuster at my dentist. Mrs Kuster is a dental assistant and somehow I have the feeling that she has always been there. Whenever I call I play the same game with her on the phone. I call for a new appointment and only say hello without telling my name. And she recognizes me every time since the very beginning. What a welcoming feeling. She is friendly and attentive. One is actually looking forward to the dentist’s appointment. 

With various other service providers, this doesn‘t work or not so well. For example my hairdresser. The owner has been the same for many years but his employees change way too often. They are nice and friendly however I would like to have continuity, familiarity and a shared history. This is missing and thus I am considering looking for a new hairdresser. 

The authorities are even worse. Contact with the authorities is usually short-lived, anonymous and distant. There are exceptions and these are really great. For many years I lived in Tagelswangen. A small village without post office. The administration was in the next village. However when I went there, it felt like returning to one’s own family. One knew each other. One was happy to see each other. I felt welcome. 

Of the same kind are also the officers at the Constance financial authority. They are responsible for Swiss companies VAT registered in Germany. They treat the taxpayers like their best customers. They care about them and try to understand our clients, look for solutions and are fair and open and are listening. One feels that they are taking their taxpayers serious and treat them as partners. Like that one does not mind paying taxes. 

In principle the recipe is very easy and theoretically everyone should know it. Treat your customers or taxpayers like kings and they will remain loyal a lifetime. For me this applies 100%.

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