Die futuristische Geschichte des Taxifahrers aus Madrid – Auswertung

658100_web_R_K_by_lichtkunst.73_pixelio.deIch beziehe mich auf meinen Blog “Die futuristische Geschichte des Taxifahrers aus Madrid“, welchen ich letzten Freitag publiziert habe.

Es ist erstaunlich zu sehen, dass alle Leser eine solche Vision für realistisch halten.

Vielen Dank für Eure Meinung!

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The futuristic story of the taxi driver from Madrid – analysis

658100_web_R_K_by_lichtkunst.73_pixelio.deI refer to my Blog “The futuristic Story of the taxi Driver from Madrid” published last Friday.

It’s amazing to see that close to 100% readers voted that such a vision is more than probable.

Thank you for your opinion!

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Die futuristische Geschichte des Taxifahrers aus Madrid


Ich bin am Flughafen in Madrid in ein Taxi gestiegen. Der Fahrer hat sich vorher neben dem Taxi sehr angeregt mit seinem Kollegen unterhalten. Er war jung, etwa 25 Jahre alt, und erzählte, dass er einen Abschluss in Robotik hat, aber zurzeit keinen anderen Job finden kann. Kaum losgefahren, begann er mir seine Vision der Zukunft zu erzählen.Read More »

The futuristic story of the taxi driver from Madrid

658100_web_R_K_by_lichtkunst.73_pixelio.deAt the airport in Madrid I went into a taxi. Before the taxi driver had been in an animated discussion with a colleague. He was young, about 25 years old, and told that he has a degree in robotic but that he could not find another job for the time being. As soon as he was driving, he started to tell me his vision of the future.Read More »

Something has happened

Photo_RGB_PC_48238.jpgPeople walking near parked cars on a street - PwCI went to the concert of Pharrell Williams. I was really enjoying it. His song “Happy” made me feel well. A few sounds and a voice and the world looked better. I took the car and had to back into a parking space on the right in a steep road. I never said that I am good at it but after so many years driving the car I developed a strategy how to park successfully despite the missing three-dimensional vision. Read More »