Italy: VAT Warehousing – pending decree issued

VAT warehouses: according to the Ministerial Decree dated 23 February 2017 financial guarantee is due upon certain conditions

Abstract: in the Official Gazette dated 17 March 2017 it has been published the text of the Decree of the Ministry of Finance, which clarified relevant contents, practicalities and formalities regarding financial guarantee for withdrawal of goods introduced into a VAT warehouse from non-EU, as well as relevant exemptions.Read More »

Invitation: Global Indirect Taxes webcast-VAT changes to Italian warehousing, 4:00pm CET, 9 February 2017

I would like to inform you about our next event in the global ITX webcast on 9 February regarding the new Italian rules concerning VAT warehouse which will become effective on 1 April 2017.

A number of tax payers doing business in Italy had, in the past, cash flow issues relating to Italian VAT credit recovery. Some of them were able to resolve such issues by using a VAT warehouse simplification.Read More »

Italy – changes in the use of VAT warehouse as from 1 of April 2017

477118_web_r_by_barbel-jobst_pixelio-deWith effective date April 1st, 2017, significant changes will be introduced in relation to the use of the VAT warehouse and the way to account for VAT following the withdrawal of the goods.

In particular, art. 50-bis of Law Decree no. 331/1993 (the provision regulating VAT warehouse simplification in Italy) has been amended as follows:Read More »

Alternative ways of receiving Italian VAT refunds

PwC_PC_Italy_Venice_MB_059.jpg People and pigeons in a courtyardItalian VAT law provides for a number of simplifications, which might be used in order to avoid being charged with VAT or recover the input VAT incurred in a faster way compared to the refund, in particular:




Read More »