VAT compliance: The impact on business and how technology can help

How is modern technology affecting VAT compliance?

As the world becomes more connected and the digital economy comes of age through mobile technology, cloud computing, business intelligence and real time reporting, we see an increasing number of tax authorities and businesses around the world adopting or reforming their VAT compliance systems to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by technological developments.Read More »

Rückerstattung der Schweizer MWST für ausländische Unternehmen

420154_original_R_K_B_by_Stefan Leupold_pixelio.deDie Rückvergütung der Mehrwertsteuer erlaubt ausländischen Unternehmen, die in der Schweiz richtigerweise nicht für MWST-Zwecke registriert sind, eine Mehrwertsteuerneutrale Abwicklung ihrer Geschäfte mit Schweizer Lieferanten. Mit dem sog. Vergütungsverfahren lassen sich die auf geschäftsbedingte Auslagen bezahlten Vorsteuern zurückerstatten.Read More »

Swiss VAT refund for foreign companies

The VAT refund to foreign companies, which are not correctly VAT registered in Switzerland, enables them to facilitate transactions with their Swiss suppliers without having Swiss VAT as a final cost. The so-called VAT refund procedure ensures the refund of input VAT incurred on local expenses acquired in connection with their business.Read More »

Italy – Semplificazioni fiscali – details available how to avoid bank guarantee

PwC_PC_Italy_Venice_MB_001.jpgLegislative Decree no. 175/2014, so called “Semplificazioni fiscali” concerning tax simplification in connection with the VAT refund claims was introduced in 2014. When released, the rules concerning the simplification procedure were unclear, especially in the application for non-EU companies. Read More »

Luxembourg: New VAT Refund Procedure

People walking outside an office building - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_ 395.jpgThe budget Law (Bill n°6720) introduced a new procedure, effective as from 1 January 2015, for VAT-registered businesses which claim periodic VAT refunds.Read More »

Italy – simplification in the VAT Law and some new obligations as from 1 of January 2015

People sitting on a long bench talking (3) - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_48164.jpgOn November 28, 2014, the Legislative Decree laying down provisions related to tax simplification so called “Decreto semplificazioni fiscali” (Legislative Decree no. 175 dated November 21, 2014) has been published in the Official Italian Gazette.Read More »

How to decline cost of bank guarantee in Italy – “Statuto dei diritti dei contribuenti” – Law no. 212/2000

In some cases such as claims for VAT refund, tax payers have to provide a bank guarantee to the Italian Tax Authority. This is not always easy from an administrative point of view (as it has to be bank in Italy) and never really cheap. “Statuto dei diritti dei contribuenti” – Law no. 212/2000 protects tax payers’ right in relation to the incurred bank guarantee cost. A specific decree, implementing the operating rules for the refund/repayment should have been issued a long time. Read More »

Ukraine – profit is an option but cash is a fact

The President of Ukraine signed Law No 5083-VI which introduces a number of amendments to the Tax Code including a provision under which large taxpayers reporting losses will not be entitled to an automatic VAT refund. The change is effective as of 12 August 2012. The automatic VAT refund is not available for large taxpayers reporting tax losses as a result of activities in 2011. Read More »