It’s winter and it’s snowing

I know that we always laugh about England, when there’s a little snow and the whole traffic system grinds to a halt.

it is March 1st and I have to travel from Zürich to Lausanne and the next day on to Geneva and back home again. I had packed everything in my business rucksack, including pyjamas, gym clothes, toothbrush and computer and thought that I could scoot to the station and then travel on with the train. Read More »

Monte Kaolino

It is perhaps the last summer weekend for this year with predicted temperatures of up to 26°C and we go skiing. My youngest one wanted us to go.

But it is a very extraordinary skiing on this white mountain. This is because Monte Kaolino is a 120m high sand hill. The only sand ski hill worldwide, including a fixed lift. One could go down the sand piste in swimming clothes but with our skiing injuries would be pre-programmed. This hill was heaped up from 32 million tons of quartz sand and falling on it at high speed results in painful grazes. I.e. long trousers are required. In return one can recover Read More »