My aunt Oli

This year she was 70 years old. She is still full of energy, emotional and very possessive. She can laugh a lot and quarrel a lot, as she always did.

The only thing that has changed is her health. Now and again she feels pain, the illnesses occur more frequently and last longer. That’s old age.

I telephoned her to congratulate her on her birthday and she told the newest story from her life.Read More »

Die verlorene Grossmutter

61657_web_r_by_matthias-weggel_pixelio-deIch war nicht spät dran, eher perfekt in der Zeit für meine nächste Besprechung. Da sprach eine Dame mich an und fragte, ob ich wisse, wo die Regina Kägistrasse sei.

Nein, ich hatte keine Ahnung. Read More »