How I missed professor Stiglitz’s presentation

I was meant to fly from London to Zurich on Thursday afternoon. With a bit of luck, I would manage to still get to see the end of Professor Joseph Stiglitz’s presentation (Nobel Memorial Prize Winner in Economic Sciences) at the University of Zurich. I knew it. It wasn’t going to work. My departure was planned from London City airport.

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It’s winter and it’s snowing

I know that we always laugh about England, when there’s a little snow and the whole traffic system grinds to a halt.

it is March 1st and I have to travel from Zürich to Lausanne and the next day on to Geneva and back home again. I had packed everything in my business rucksack, including pyjamas, gym clothes, toothbrush and computer and thought that I could scoot to the station and then travel on with the train. Read More »

Traffic fines

I was in a hurry. I was late. I hate coming late. I went by car to Winterthur and it was obvious that only a miracle could save me from coming late.

When it comes to speed, I stick to the rules. As always. Internally I am incredibly nervous. Read More »