November in New York

621187_web_R_by_Sylvia Krahl_pixelio.deNew York is terribly expensive but one pays for uniqueness. That’s the law of demand and supply. I have always wanted to make my turns with skating shoes on the absolutely tiny ice in front of the Rockefeller Center. The dream became true for mere 29 dollars entrance and 15 dollars for the rental of the skating shoes. But the adrenalin kick I already got before. In the news I saw a report about two men, who had been cleaning the windows of the highest building of the World Trade Center on Ground Zero out of a lift.Read More »

Canoeing and ice skating in November

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA day without moving is a lost day. On those few exceptional days, when I cannot move, I am suffering and usually also the ones around me. Because on those days I am moody, unbearable and simply terrible. It just like with an addiction. If the body does not get its daily ration, chemical processes begin to run, which make me unbearable as a person.Read More »

Kanufahren und Schlittschuhlaufen im November

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEin Tag ohne Bewegung ist ein verlorener Tag. An den wenigen Ausnahmetagen, wenn ich mich nicht bewegen kann, leide ich und meistens auch alle rund um mich. Ich bin nämlich dann launisch, unerträglich und einfach grauenhaft. Es ist wie bei einer Sucht. Wenn der Körper seine Tagesration nicht bekommt, beginnen chemische Prozesse zu laufen, die mich als Person ungeniessbar machen.Read More »

Tax Academy – tax in a new package

About the Tax Academy programme

We have prepared this special nine-day programme to help both our clients and own tax experts to easily understand fundamental principles, processes, current procedures and specific terminology in the field of Czech and international tax practices. The programme is focused on several main topics – it consists of five modules, Read More »