Israel – Tax Authorities issue Draft Circular Regarding Activities of Foreign Companies through the Internet

PwC_Swiz_Zurich_R_MB_36.jpgThe Israeli Tax Authorities (ITA) issued draft guidelines titled “Activities of Foreign Companies through the Internet” (hereafter the “Draft Circular”) for comments. Read More »

Israel: Zero Rated VAT for Clinical Trial Services

People walking outside an office building - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_ 395.jpgNew rules are expected to have a beneficial impact on companies carrying out clinical trials on humans in Israel.

Section 30(19) of the Israeli VAT Law was amended in December 2014 such that the provision of supervision, coordination and control services in Israel in connection with carrying out medical experiments on humans to foreign residents shall be subject to Zero VAT.Read More »

The story of Leon (Lev) Roznanski

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis parents were from Russia. Leon was born in Romania and as they were a very wealthy family, Leon learnt German from his German speaking nanny. During the Second World War the family had to flee to England and on top of his three languages Leon also learnt English.Read More »

Die Geschichte von Leon (Lev) Roznanski

SOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeine Eltern kamen aus Russland. Geboren wurde Leon in Rumänien und da sie eine sehr wohlhabende Familie waren, lernte Leon von seinem deutschsprachigen Kindermädchen noch Deutsch. Während des Zweiten Weltkrieges musste die ganze Familie nach England fliehen und zu Leon seinen drei Sprachen kam noch Englisch dazu.Read More »