Why I no longer go swimming at 6.00am

Movement is as essential for me as eating or sleeping. I am convinced that, if we were to move as much as we sleep, we could avoid many of our illnesses.

To fit enough movement into the working day of an eager beaver like me is difficult. And then the family, the children, the household are all waiting and for movement one really has to plan one’s time to the last minute to be able to realise it at all.

As I engage in sport every day, the off-peak hours are the only possibility. At 6.00am I jump into the swimming pool and, sunk in waves and thoughts, I swim my laps and by 8.00am at the latest I’m at my desk.Read More »


730624_web_r_k_b_by_lupo_pixelio-deIch bin der Überzeugung, dass die Bewegung zu einem Menschen gehört wie das Essen. Ohne Bewegung wird der Mensch schwach und kann nicht mehr funktionieren. Read More »

Charity run on the Platzspitz

730624_web_r_k_b_by_lupo_pixelio-deI am convinced that people need movement just as they need food. Without movement one becomes weak and it is no longer possible to function. Without food one dies, as one also does without movement, only perhaps it takes a bit longer than 3 weeks.

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How the police brought me to my knees

sup-blue-mist-compressEnd September. According to the weather forecast it is going to be one those glorious autumn days, which transform a normal Sunday into a perfect day. For the time being there was no sign of this. The mist was a thick white and blocked the view completely. Added to that the temperature was relatively low. Clearly the day still had to prove itself. But I was hell-bent on taking to the water and the mist was not going to stop me.Read More »

Jogging in the city

I am travelling a lot. Today in Geneva, tomorrow in London, on Wednesday in Zug. That may sound great but is very tiring. When one is travelling and working, one sees Big Ben, the Parliament and the Castle from the outside, when passing by, but one never has time to sit in a café, to process all the impression, to visit sights. One is driven by obligations and appointments.Read More »

My life as PE teacher at the agricultural school

I needed money back then. And what is better than earning money with something one very much enjoys doing. When I saw the advertisement at university that the agricultural school was looking for a prospective PE teacher, who gives once a week fitness training, I thought that this was my chance.Read More »