493904_web_R_K_B_by_Hans-Dieter Buchmann_pixelio.deI travel quite a lot. I visited great places, enjoyed fantastic hospitality and discovered urban and natural wonders. However, it happens seldom that my expectations are that much exceeded as it happened in Miami. Warm, blue water bordered by white sands and surrounded by an ocean breeze – these are the endless beaches in Miami. Read More »

Disappointed expectations

There is nothing worse than disappointed expectations. Of course one can live with that or maybe it is more accurate to say: “one starts to process”?! It is always hard to say goodbye to dreams which were within one’s grasp. 

I am travelling in Asia for three weeks now. On the second morning in a small bay at the sea I stumble in sandals over a strange stone and an unexpected pain flows from my big toe to the body. Read More »