Fête des Vignerons 2019

I arrived in Vevey on Saturday alongside 22’000 people. Vevey is one of the most idyllic cities that I know – Riverbanks, mountains, vineyards. Now, to top it off, this festival. The spectacle takes place once every 20/25 years. The first one was in the year of 1797, the most recent one in 1999. The budget for the festival amounts to an unbelievable amount of 100 Million francs. There are 6’500 participants, 5’500 actors, 1’000 musicians, cows, goats, hoarses – it is massive. I don’ recall ever having seen anything so wondrously colorful and varied in my life. The actors are from the region and are amateurs. They wear bright costumes and perform with an unbelievable amount of passion and pride. The director of the festivity, Danielle Finzi Pasca, who was a clown at Circus Nock, directed the closing ceremony at the Olympics in Torino and Sochi. What he put together in Vevey with the ensemble was huge and unforgettable. What impressed me the most, were the participants who created something unique through countless hours of work. You can join the spectacle till the 11th of August. Otherwise in the year of 2040. The journey is worth it.

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EVENT: 8. Schweizer Zollrechtstagung

Gerne mache Ich Sie auf die Zollrechtstagung am 14. Mai 2019 aufmerksam, die wir in Bern bereits zum achten Mal durchführen. Es erwarten Sie spannende Themen und erfahrene Referenten sowie Vertreter der Behörden aus dem In- und Ausland. Daneben bietet die Zollrechtstagung eine ideale Plattform, um sich über die aktuellen Entwicklungen und Trends im Zoll- und Aussenhandelsbereich zu informieren, sich neues Fachwissen anzueignen und sich mit anderen Firmenverantwortlichen sowie Experten auszutauschen.Read More »

Look me in the eye, baby

When you look back in ten, twenty years, what will remain in your memory? An examination passed? The first kiss? A special book or a film?

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Events: World Wide VAT

The international VAT forum

World Wide VAT – the international VAT forum @PwC – was launched four years ago as a venue that offers you the opportunity to meet and speak with international business people dealing with indirect tax issues. It is a platform for sharing experiences and providing more insight on trends in this area.Read More »