SAF – T Standard Audit File for Tax


The objective of a tax audit is to confirm or deny that the business has paid the correct amount of tax at the right time in line with domestic law. The days when an audit was carried out based on spot checks are over, we have already entered the age of computer-assisted audit some years ago. The future will be based on checking complete data based on comprehensive software tests. One of the steps in this direction is the obligation of providing complete data in certain format known as SAF-T.

The Standard Audit File for Tax Schemas have been designed as an international standard of best practice by the OECD. It defines the minimum necessary to extract meaningful information from a business accounting system. SAF-T is a standard of exporting accurate tax accounting data in a format that can be easily read by tax authorities.Read More »

PwC Webcast: Brazil indirect tax system – 3 December 2013

Indirect taxation in Brazil is probably one of the most challenging areas based on the complexity of the system. The webcast may focus on the following subjects:

  • Electronic Audit: current environment of electronic invoicing and bookkeeping is allowing tax authorities to have access to companies’ information real time and perform tax assessment also electronically. Read More »