New Yorkers

They’re so nice! I was looking for 1500 Broadway, in the middle of New York, in the heart of Times Square. That seems to be so easy. The building is here and huge but I simply cannot find the entrance. I look around helplessly and cluelessly and barely a minute passes when a young man approaches me.

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Swimming in a crowd – a late summer in Zurich

I grew up in Prague during communism. During that time, one feature of this city of more than a million inhabitants was its near complete evacuation every weekend. All my friends escaped to either a small vacation house, summer cottage or holiday villa. Most social life took place in small villages. On Fridays, the cars would be loaded up, a weekend of parties and dance evenings would follow, and on Sunday, the traffic column would move back in the direction of the capital. Read More »

EORI number

The basic purpose of EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification in the EU) is to establish a system whereby every trader who interacts with Customs Authorities in any Member State of the EU is allocated an unique reference number. This reference number is valid throughout the EU and serves as a common reference number for the trader’s interaction with the Customs Authorities of any Member State. Read More »