New York – Erster Advent

Ich habe grossen Respekt vor der Anreise in die USA. Es ist wie eine Wundertüte und man weiss nie so genau was man bekommt. Es kann sehr schnell gehen und nach 15 Minuten ist man raus, oder man kann stundenlang auf den Einlass warten.

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New York – First Advent

I have a lot of respect for the entry into the USA. It is like a goodie bag and you never really know what you’ll get. It can go very fast and you can be out after 15 minutes or you can wait hours before you can enter. Read More »

2nd advent in Madrid – traces of the economic crisis?

Business required it that in December I visited London, New York and Madrid. It is Christmas atmosphere everywhere. There is glitter at every corner; nativity sets and nut crackers (the hit of the London season) are in the shop windows and Christmas songs sound from the shops. Fundraisers try it more reserved like in London or they rock and rap like in New York to motivate the hearts to donate. Read More »