25. Ausgabe der Kunst 19 Zürich

Jedes Jahr im Herbst gibt es in der ehemaligen Industriehalle der ABB eine Kunstmesse für Gegenwartskunst. Rund 40 Galerien aus dem In- und Ausland präsentieren ihr Angebot.

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The good and the bad boss or the reality of the game theory

Recently Klara told me a story. She was preparing an expertise according to the instructions of her supervisor. In the course of the preparation she found that the argumentation line of her supervisor would be untenable. She told that her supervisor and suggested that she would change the argumentation. Back then he only half-listened to her and nodded in agreement to her suggested changes. Read More »

Learning French

I had wanted to learn French for ages. To finally understand the “Grand Nation” in all its nuances, to be able participate, to read Victor Hugo and Maupassant in original. But it seems that fate begrudges me this.

The first serious attempt was when the SBB tendered a large project 15 years ago. For the success of the project it was necessary to speak French.Read More »

Women and carrier

I was travelling again. On JFK airport in New York I witnessed a discussion between two women. Both around 40 years old. One of them told her story. She told that she loves her work and is successful at it and that she gets a lot of satisfaction from her work and consequently her career advanced well. A child was never really an option for her and she and her partner prepared for a life as a pair.Read More »

The boss is not always right

When I met Marie yesterday, she was very upset. Marie works for a medium-sized company and since one year now she has a new boss. And he is giving her a hard time. Marie is a clever, diligent girl with a lot of sense of responsibility. But sometimes she is also a bit impulsive and has difficulties to follow conventions. But if necessary and that happens regularly at her work place, she works countless overtime hours and works even on weekends. Read More »