Hungary – New VAT regulations

Referring to my post dated 1 February 2017 regarding “Hungary – changes in 2017” I would like to inform you about the updates related to the online data provision and the threshold for the domestic recapitulative statement.

II.) Online data provision about domestic sales invoices

Based on the amendment of the law issued last year, as of 1 July 2017 the taxable persons would have been required to forward certain invoice data to the tax authority through an online connection about invoices that are issued with an invoicing software and have a VAT content of at least HUF 100,000.

However according to the explanation of the recently issued amendment of the law, in order to provide the taxable persons with a preparation time for the online data provision, a 1 year voluntary probation / test period regarding this obligation will be provided. It means that the online data provision will only be mandatory from 1 July 2018 instead of the originally planned start date of 1 July 2017.

Based on unofficial information, the voluntary test period will be started from 1 July 2017 with the possibility of the online reporting of 1-2 invoices and it will be extended to most of the relevant invoices from autumn 2017.

III.) Threshold of the domestic recapitulative statement

According to the last year’s tax law amendments, as from 1 July 2017, the threshold regarding the domestic recapitulative statement reporting obligation would have been decreased to HUF 100,000.

However, according to the recently issued amendment of the law, the modification of the threshold has been postponed to 1 July 2018, so the threshold of the domestic recapitulative statement remains HUF 1,000,000 until 30 June 2018.


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