Data Analytics for Indirect Tax (ITX): Your Journey to Advanced Analytics

Are YOU ready to face the ongoing changes within the European Indirect Tax (ITX) landscape?

What are the pitfalls you should watch out for?

In our most recent Webcast, we covered a number of topics around European ITX.

  • Spain – SII: Immediate supply of Information on VAT
  • Ireland – Co-Operative Compliance Framework
  • Portugal, Poland, Hungary – Road Transport Report Obligation

With the massive evolution of the European ITX regulations, it can sometimes be hard to stay informed.
Please check out this overview of our Webcast:

Webcast Data Analytics

PwC can assist you in dealing with your VAT obligations.

A short overview of solutions you can adopt to help you cope:

  • VAT Healthcheck is our entry level tool for client-led analytics. With this solution set we provide the framework for ITX data analytics with a variety of visualisations and KPIs. However, the focus is also on providing a custom experience, including training for the client, to create and manage their own testing requirements.
  • Healthcheck ++ is our advanced tool for client-led analytics, and has been specifically developed to work with the OECD SAF-T standard and the OECD recommended analytics tests. This solution empowers clients to re-calculate rates, perform a cross-check of VAT return entries to ERP or SAF-T derived totals, and run other bespoke analytics for ad-hoc & periodic monitoring.
  • VAT Insight is our solution for testing and reporting specific ITX irregularities. Working from data exports from your current ERP solutions (or other data sources) it provides you with analytics comparable to those run by taxing authorities; however it goes further by providing you with potential opportunities.
  • Since 2016 we have been developing an ITX specific Machine learning program, and this year are launching the product as “Ada”. It works by applying advanced data analytic techniques to customer ERP data (X-SAF-T) and is providing exceptional accuracy in tax coding, whilst also highlighting anomalies to the learnt rules for further investigation.
  • We also offer a free Excel based solution called Readiness Calculator to give you a first impression of your readiness timeline for VAT e-filing obligations.

To obtain the Readiness Calculator or to discuss any questions you may have about our other tools, please contact Ekaterina Atakan,

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