Norway – SAF-T as form 1 of January 2018

438063_web_r_by_tim-caspary_pixelio-deThe next country who requires provision of data in standardised way is Norway: based on the initial suggestion made by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, companies must be ready to send accounting information in the SAF-T Format to the tax authorities upon their request (e.g. in case of a tax audit). SAF-T will not replace regular reporting of tax data by means of submission of VAT return. Potentially, this might happen one day in the future however it’s not planed yet.

It is proposed that the requirement to provide financial data in the SAF-T Format shall comprise all companies with an obligation to keep bookkeeping information electronically. There will only be two cases when the companies will be relieved from the SAF-T requirement; i.e.:

  • with a yearly turnover below NOK 5 million (excluding VAT)
  • with “few transactions” (i.e., below 600 vouchers a year)

Nevertheless and despite the above mentioned exceptions, any company liable to keep books, will still be covered by the SAF-T requirement, if it has the accounting data available electronically.

The proposed changes in the bookkeeping regulation were subject to a public consultation and the deadline for submitting comments was until 1 October 2016. As a result, many of the system providers suggested to postpone the mandatory implementation of SAF-T and start with the voluntary reporting. Accordingly, the details of the new regulation are still subject to confirmation and the obligation will probably be implemented as from 1 of January 2018.

For further details please contact Espen Qvist, Director PwC Oslo on +47 95 26 04 07 or


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