Upcoming webcast – US Tax Reform and Impact on US Inbound Companies (18 January 2017)

416411_web_r_k_by_oliver-brunner_pixelio-deWith a Trump Administration and Republican-controlled Congress, US tax reform is a priority. What does all of this mean for global companies with investments and business in the United States?

Join PwC’s leaders in tax policy and US inbound issues to learn:




  • How is the US tax system unique?
  • What is the process of transforming tax reform into US law?
  • What are the option for tax reform and how do they compare and contrast? (Camp Tax Reform Act, Trump campaign proposal, House Republican Blueprint)
  • What are the consequences for US inbound companies, from interest deducibility, treatment of intangibles, state taxes, and border adjustability?

Register for our webcast to learn about US tax reform and how it may impact US inbound companies on:

Wednesday, January 18
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm CET

Click here to register:


Our speakers include:

  •  Chris Kong, US Inbound Tax Leader
  • Peter Merrill, National Economics and Statistics, Principal
  • Bernard Moens, US Inbound International Tax Services Leader
  • Pam Olson, US Deputy Tax Leader & Washington National Tax Services Leader
  • Oren Penn, US Inbound Tax and International Tax Services, Principal

We look forward to your participation.


Bildquelle: Oliver Brunner  / pixelio.de

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