Michaela Merz

Tax Function of the Future – Redefine, redesign and redeploy

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Please find HERE the latest Flyer about Tax Function of the Future.

This Flyer includes the following topics:





  • The Tax Function of the Future
    • How will tax functions evolve over the next three to five year
  • Being proactive rather than reactive
    • Five global megatrends are radically changing the way businesses, including the tax function, operate
  • Leveraging these challenges and seeing them as opportunities
    • There are positive outcomes from this new reality
  • How can we help?
    • Businesses are not all the same. We understand that the right answers for each start and end in different places
  • How can we help in Tax Strategy & Operations?


For further information on conversations about Tax Function of the Future, please contact the Tax Strategy & Operations team below:

Erik Steiger
T: +41 (0)58 792 5940
E: erik.steiger@ch.pwc.com

Michaela Merz
T: +41 (0)58 792 4429
E: michaela.merz@ch.pwc.com

Laurenz Schneider
T: +41 (0)58 792 5938
E: laurenz.schneider@ch.pwc.com

Jana Waser
T: +41 (0)58 792 4345
E: jana.waser@ch.pwc.com

Guilherme Pereira
T: +41 (0)58 792 5218
E: guilherme.muramatsu.pereira@ch.pwc.com

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