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Poland – mandatory monitoring of physical movement of certain ADR transports as per 1 of January 2017

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395426_web_r_k_b_by_rainer-sturm_pixelio-dePoland plans to introduce so called transportation package.
Basically it will require that transport of certain hazardous materials need to be monitored through special declarations and / or GPS devices.  

Following goods are planned to be covered by this obligation:

· CN codes 1507 to 1517,

· CN code 2207 without excise duty stamps,

· CN code 2710,

· CN code 2905,

· CN code 2917,

· CN code 3403,

· CN code 3814,

· CN code 3820 if containing ethyl alcohol,

· CN code 3824,

· CN code 2826.

Such monitoring obligation will also cover transit of goods through Poland – effectively it means that not only Polish companies need to be aware of that fact. Lack of compliance in this regard may result in various sanctions, including material penalties (up to EUR 5 000) imposed on truck drivers (including foreigners).

Originally it was planned to be introduced from 1 January 2017. However, legislative process is still ongoing and it is not a binding law yet (taking into account fact that legislative process is not very advanced at this point, it is possible that introduction date might be postponed).

For further details please feel free to contact Tomasz Pabianski,
Mobile: + 48 502 18 4952, tomasz.pabianski@pl.pwc.com

Krzysztof Winski,
Mobile: + 48 519 50 6434, mailto:krzysztof.winski@pl.pwc.com

or Krzysztof Ugolik,
Mobile: + 48 519 50 7470, krzysztof.ugolik@pl.pwc.com

Image source: Rainer Sturm  / pixelio.de

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