Webex: Data Analytics for ITX – Dec 7th 2016

GummersbachEvolving trends are changing the way tax functions are operating – both day-to-day and with long-term strategic planning. Tax functions are facing increasing pressure to remain compliant in a world of challenging data collection and manual processes, leaving tax with little time to focus on strategic planning. Also, the introduction of data analytics for ITX by authorities in most EU countries is now an impending reality.


To become more efficient and create greater value for the broader business, tax functions need to take a closer look at the data they collect, the technology and processes they use, and rethink their approach to tax data management. We are pleased to provide an overview of the latest developments of data analytics tools and comment on the impact of the future IT strategies of the tax authorities:

  • Recent Changes in eGovernment
  • What Analytics are being used?
  • PwC Analytics offeringsOur presenters are VAT and technology experts:
  • Michaela Merz, PwC Partner, Indirect Taxes Leader
  • Graham Tilbury, Head of Tax Analytics
  • Nassim Tanouti, Senior Manager, Indirect Tax

Please click on the link on the left to register yourself for the WebEx session.

The WebEx will be recorded and will be emailed to you and available on this blog after the event.
There will be time for questions and answers with your speakers during the WebEx.
Questions can also be sent in advance of the WebeX session to the following email address: ekaterina.atakan@ch.pwc.com

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