EU – Council adopts proposed improvements to the VAT rules on cross-border transactions

539368_web_r_by_wandersmann_pixelio-deOn 8 November the Council adopted conclusions on improvements to VAT rules for cross-border transactions.

The conclusions come in response to certain issues raised in an April 2016 Commission action plan.

They relate in particular to:

  • the VAT identification number as an additional condition for application of an exemption in respect of an intra-EU supply;
  • in order to better tackle VAT fraud, improving the quality and reliability of data used in the EU’s VAT information exchange system;
  • determining the VAT treatment of the transaction chain, including ‘triangular transactions’ (where goods are shipped from a member state other than that of the supplier and the customer);
  • simplifying rules for call-off stock (where goods are sent to a customer’s storage facility in another member state);
    work concerning the exemption from VAT of intra-EU supplies

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