Michaela Merz

Being right and being proven right

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745732_web_R_K_B_by_I-vista_pixelio.deLara gave notice on her apartment. As planning was not one of her strengths, she had already signed the contract for the new apartment. That meant that for four months she rented two apartments. Lara is not rich and while both apartments are rather inexpensive, who can and wants to pay two rents.


That’s why Lara wanted to advertise the old apartment on a renting platform. Her landlord made the suggestion that he himself would look for a new tenant. If she paid him two instead of four months‘ rent, they would be all square. Lara did not have much experience in these matters and agreed to the suggestion. She gave the landlord the keys, but did not make a handover report.

The landlord commenced the conversion of the apartment. But Lara didn’t know that. After five weeks she enquired when she would receive from him the rent deposit. As she got no response, she spontanously went to her old apartment. As she still had one key, she opened the door and was utterly surprised to see a renovated and already furnished apartment. In the middle of the living room sat the tenant, in his underpants. They were both shocked.

Lara told me the story and I drafted her a letter, in order to demand back from the landlord the two months‘ rent already paid. After all, he had abused her trust in the most despicable manner. But Lara never posted the letter and let the injustice stand. She had to wait an inordinate time for her deposit.

I was angry, because I can’t stand the sight of these arrogant and impudent types always winning. Lara told me that she couldn’t raise the strength to quarrel with him.

I think types, like her former landlord, know that and exploit it shamelessly. Being right and being proven right are often wide apart and this is exploited by many people.

Image source: I-Vista / pixelio.de

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