Export Controls and Sanctions

Photo_RGB_R_NL_JA_D5_00119 Truck, wheels, tires, black, greenExport Controls legislation regulates the export of dual-use and military goods. Trade Sanctions restricts trade with certain countries and entities. To comply you must know which of your products are regulated and, for a given transaction, which country the goods are coming from or going to, the business parties involved and the end-use. This enables to self-determine the restrictions that are relevant and to apply for the appropriate export licenses if needed. Non-compliance can have legal and commercial consequences – such as loss of reputation or blacklisting – which can severely impact a globalised supply-chain.

Typical industries affected by export controls are defense, aerospace, automotive, machine industry, metallurgy, electronics & telecoms, chemical industry and nuclear. Sanctions concern all importers and exporters regardless – with increased risk for those trading with sanctioned countries.

However you have to be careful as for instance KARABINE falls under this restriction as well.


Export Controls
Regulate the Export of restricted materials




Restrict trade with certain countries entities

Export controls_concerned products_newMain industries concernedEconomic sanctionsExtraterritorial application of US regulationscore questionsRisks & Consequences of non-complianceCatalogue of Services & SolutionsSAP Global Trade ServicesProduct classification


Should you have any questions please contact Simeon Probst, Partner Customs, Trade and Indirect Taxes by Phone: 0041 (0)58 792 53 51 or by mail: simeon.probst@ch.pwc.com

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