Michaela Merz

Tax as a critical component in every Finance transformation

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PwC Washington DC shoot. Stairwell inside The Capitol, adjacent to the Capitol Visitor Center.I would like to inform you about our next webcast regarding Tax as a critical component in every Finance transformation:

In today’s environment, tax and finance functions are facing increasing challenges which require a fundamental re-evaluation of operations, processes, technology and personnel.

In order to be successful, finance transformation needs to be a collaborative effort with tax. This collaborative approach allows both functions to better support stakeholders while responding to demands for accelerated financial reporting / regulatory filing, greater risk management, and enhanced abilities to efficiently capture and analyse data.

Join one of the next in our series of Tax Function of the Future webcasts, where we will discuss why many finance functions, large and small, are undertaking transformations and why tax needs to be an integral part of this from the outset.

PwC US Webcast
Date:                  Thursday 11 February 2016
Time:                 12:00 pm EST // 17:00 pm GMT
Registration:     Please register HERE for the event

PwC UK Webcast
Date:                  Thursday 18 February 2016
Time:                 06:00 am EST // 11:00 am GMT
Registration:     Please register HERE for the event


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