Leyla was very ambitious. She wanted to escape her narrow world from a young age. Away from the three big, crude brothers who beat each other regularly. Away from the narrow, poor conditions where the money only lasted for the most basic necessities and where there was never anything left-over. She was ashamed of the worn out, inherited clothes, for the way things were. Also, because she barely ever could drive anywhere with the other kids from her class because she didn’t have the money to pay for the entry tickets.

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When man is scared to join the elevator

I went into a skyscraper and wanted to call the lift, next to me was a guy. My hands were full. Bag, briefcase, car key, papers and phone. No wonder that my documents fell to the ground. He helped me pick them up, I barely would have been able to do so otherwise, without placing all my stuff onto the ground. I was extremely thankful and told him so several times.

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Can you really have everything?

Susanne went into politics as a young lady. She was an exceptional case. Pretty, smart, kind, barely of age and she had high moral expectations for the people around her and for herself. There was no meeting that she appeared to unprepared. There was no topic that she was unwilling to buckle down for and understand.  She put endless hours into the party’s work. Five evenings a week plus weren’t an exception.

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A quota for women

Judith Alexander_IRE_2016_MB_08.jpgWoman wearing black standing at a counter using a laptop, PC or computerMy daughter is not in favour of a quota for women. She is still very young and naïve in these matters, I was also. I tried to explain to her why I had to change sides on this issue.Read More »

Top Women in Tax – please nominate your candidate until 15 December 2015

20 years ago, at the time when VAT was introduced in Switzerland, men were not really interested in this field. There was too little prestige, too little to shine. The opinion of the tax community at that time was that VAT is hardly relevant for businesses as it is a transit tax and only causes pain to end consumers who have to pay the VAT. Its true for the majority of the companies that VAT is a transit tax IF EVERYTHING IS IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY. Read More »

Women and carrier

I was travelling again. On JFK airport in New York I witnessed a discussion between two women. Both around 40 years old. One of them told her story. She told that she loves her work and is successful at it and that she gets a lot of satisfaction from her work and consequently her career advanced well. A child was never really an option for her and she and her partner prepared for a life as a pair.Read More »