Global conference “The Future of VAT in a Digital Global Economy” – Vienna – 24-26 September 2014

People walking in a plaza/square - PwC, Photo_RGB_C_2 44647.jpgWhat’s the future of VAT in a digital global economy? How are corporate, individual income taxes and VAT connected in a global digital economy?

Distinguished academics, policy makers from bodies such as the OECD, IMF and the EU Commission as well as practitioners and government representatives from all over the world will elaborate on the hottest topics regarding VAT related to the digitalisation of the global economy. Read More »

Jogging in the city

I am travelling a lot. Today in Geneva, tomorrow in London, on Wednesday in Zug. That may sound great but is very tiring. When one is travelling and working, one sees Big Ben, the Parliament and the Castle from the outside, when passing by, but one never has time to sit in a café, to process all the impression, to visit sights. One is driven by obligations and appointments.Read More »

Long weekend in Vienna

One can discover Vienna in two ways. Either one prepares a plan at home and walks single-minded through the city and sees a small part of the many things there are to see. Or like myself and my youngest one (7), who just did not have any time for preparation and who simply let us guide by spontaneous ideas and stroll through the city without any system and emphasis and collect impressions, as for instance in the museum the insects fixed with pins. Read More »