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Poland: Obligatory registration and product fee payment in Poland: Waste Act

If you do business in Poland you might be obliged to register in freshly established Waste Database due to recent legislative changes in Poland.

Registration obligation
According to the Polish Waste Act, every entity is obliged to enter the waste register, if they have the below listed transactions in the Polish territory:
Whilst the 5 first positions are rather self-explanatory, the latter 2 items may require further explanation. Continue reading

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Italy – new penalties as of August 1, 2012 for incorrect or missing entries in VIES (VAT Information Exchange System)

The Italian Tax Authorities will impose penalties in case of EU supplies if the Italian customer’s number is not reported in the VIES. Therefore it is recommended to verify the VIES VAT registration number of your customers to avoid penalties equal to 100% of the VAT amount due.