Michaela Merz

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Can you really have everything?

Susanne went into politics as a young lady. She was an exceptional case. Pretty, smart, kind, barely of age and she had high moral expectations for the people around her and for herself. There was no meeting that she appeared to unprepared. There was no topic that she was unwilling to buckle down for and understand.  She put endless hours into the party’s work. Five evenings a week plus weren’t an exception.

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Poncelet polygons sitting in a special projective pencil are affinely regular

I was at the maths department at the university of Zurich to listen to the results of a piece of work.  

I already knew what the discussion would be about, they were to discuss the possibility of a polygon spinning evenly in an ellipse. But I have to admit that frankly, I didn’t understand any of it.

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I am stupid

My world was alright. My mobile had grown together with me and we were inseparable. I virtuosic played on its keys and it was a great help to me. My life was saved on this little tool. Dates, names, birthdays, passwords, photos, audit recordings; in short, the entire life. Continue reading

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The library

I love libraries. These huge halls with countless books. The collected knowledge of mankind. The sacred silence in there. The people one meets there.

I love libraries because I am convinced that they are in danger of extinction. I suspect that digital transformation will make them superfluous and slowly, quietly and without protest, one after another will die. In 20 years there might be one as a museum of the 20th century and books will be ordered electronically from home. Continue reading

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Shanghai – Oriental Pearl TV Tower and one child policy

Exactly on the last day of my stay in Shanghai the “space capsule“ on the highest floor of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower reopened after 3 million renovation works. It’s true that the entry ticket is quite expensive. But what are 220 Yuan (around 35 US Dollars) compared to the panoramic view from the three observatory decks at 339 meters! That would have been true if there were no pollution. The view outside was disappointing because the poor air quality impaired the visibility. So I could not take a picture!! Continue reading

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Lecturing at Zurich University

As a student at Zurich University I wished that one day I would return as a lecturer. Not an easy wish, if one does not aspire an academic career.

As a tax adviser at the beginning of my career I had various tasks. And one of the many tasks I was requested to do was to prepare the script and lecture for a tax lecture, which one of our very experienced partners was doing. That was good fun. Continue reading

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There are no stupid questions

At school, physics meant trouble to me. I did not understand much during the lessons and on top of that it was not really exciting. I had to go to school by bus. With me went a girl from my parallel class. Her father was a physicist and worked at an institute. Once when he went on the same bus as we did, I asked him, whether I could ask a stupid physics question. He said that there are no stupid questions but only people, who cannot explain certain things or only very badly. Continue reading