Ukraine: New trade rules with Ukraine a proposal of lifting customs restrictions made by EU Com.

The European Commission announced that it aims to implement special customs measures in regards to Ukraine and goods originating from Ukraine.

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Ukraine: Registration obligation in 2022 for electronic services for turnover of Euro 30’000 a year

From a turnover of one million Ukrainian hryvnia (approx. 30’000 euros) in 2021, foreign entrepreneurs providing electronic services to consumers in Ukraine are expected to have to register and pay tax at a rate of currently 20 per cent by 31 March 2022.

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Ukraine – profit is an option but cash is a fact

The President of Ukraine signed Law No 5083-VI which introduces a number of amendments to the Tax Code including a provision under which large taxpayers reporting losses will not be entitled to an automatic VAT refund. The change is effective as of 12 August 2012. The automatic VAT refund is not available for large taxpayers reporting tax losses as a result of activities in 2011. Read More »