UBS: Senior Tax Advisor (w/m) Wealth Planner, 80-100%

Your role

Sind Sie ein Experte/eine Expertin in den Bereichen Steuern und ganzheitliches Wealth Planning? Liegt es Ihnen, in persönlichem Kundenkontakt anspruchsvolle Kundensituationen zu analysieren und gesamtheitliche Lösungen zu erarbeiten? Als Verstärkung unseres Teams werden Sie:

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Real estate – developing of housing markets in 2020 – UBS study

Please find below interesting analysis UBS published about the development of 25 cities around the world.

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New Billionaires Insights 2019

Long-term vision, smart risk taking, business focus and determination have resulted in businesses that have tended to outperform others financially. There was a dip in wealth in 2018. Billionaire wealth dropped 4.3% globally, after five years when it grew by 34.5%.* As the center of economic activity shifts towards Asia, the region’s entrepreneurs are playing a strong role. There will be many more winners and losers in the years to come.

It is difficult to predict the future but leading entrepreneurs are primed for a more difficult environment. But what will remain constant is the billionaire effect – the ability to transform entire industries, to create large numbers of well-paid jobs, and to rally the world to find cures for diseases such as malaria.

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