Michaela Merz

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What do you do when it rains in Ticino? – Sasso San Gottardo

I’m not an anxious person but the strong wind that woke me up during our holidays at night did have an effect on me. It didn’t feel like a view out of the window but more like watching a movie about natural disasters on the telly. Somehow everything was moving even when it was meant to be still. When branches, lots of leaves and clothing items flew through the air it was still understandable, but when I saw how the wind lifted the metal deckchairs up into the air and threw them into the swimming pool, I started to feel a little queasy.

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When trees break like matches

This summer Zurich has been haunted by countless thunderstorms. It began on a Thursday in June with wind speeds of 130km per hour. The sun blinds were turn off and the tomato house blown away.

A friend of mine asked me to look after her flat. I took the car to check whether everything is okay at her place. After half a kilometre a large fallen fir tree blocked the road. A bus was standing there indecisively. Continue reading