Life in times Corona XIII

Dara was very tidy. Her apartment was always bright and shiny. Cleanliness and order were not part of her life but were her life.

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Poland – introduction of “sugar tax” has been postponed

New regulations
Introduction of a
new tax on selected food products (“Sugar Tax”) was forseen to come into force as of 1st of July 2020. Due to a political decision the introduction was postpone. Ne date is not known yet.

The tax will apply to entities introducing beverages with the addition of sweeteners, caffeine or taurine to the domestic market – with some exceptions. This regulations may affect producers, distributors and retailers.

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Schweiz – Kanton Bern: Sofort-Förderung von F&E-Projekten

Der Bund hat die Kurzarbeit ausgeweitet, Selbständig Erwerbende können unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen Erwerbsausfälle geltend machen und Unternehmen kommen einfacher zu sofort benötigter Liquidität.

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The job market – not always a just cause

Ivy was urged by her employer to take early retirement. Ivy didn’t want to, but her 35 years younger boss with a degree informed her that, if Ivy did not agree, they would probably have to dismiss her. Ivy’s boss said she must be aware that it was not her decision, but it came from the very top. She simply had to decrease head count by 10% and Ivy will be affected least, because she could in any case draw unemployment allowance until retirement.Read More »

Czech Republic – How to fight against tax evasion

About 100 selected tax officers from various parts of the Czech Republic are coming these days to “help Prague” and to support inspections of taxpayers falling within the scope of Prague Tax Offices. Those authorities have been known for struggling with a lack of time and staff for carry out limited or full tax inspections on a regular basis. As one would expect, this inspired plenty of businesses who on purpose registered their seat in Prague, which further worsened the issue.Read More »