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European Commission – Public consultation on the evaluation of invoicing rules

About this consultation

Consultation period       13 June 2018 – 20 September 2018
Topics                              Taxation
Departments                   Taxation and Customs Union

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PwC Webcast: Tax Function of the Future

20151106_Tax Function of the FutureI would like to inform you on our upcoming webinar concerning the Tax Function of the Future.

Tax functions are facing increasing pressure to remain compliant in a world of challenging data collection and manual processes, leaving tax with little time to focus on strategic planning. Additionally, heightened expectations of internal and external stakeholders mean that companies need to become more agile in order to respond quickly to market changes. Continue reading

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Brazilian Program for Authorized Economic Operator

PwC_PC_France_Paris_MB_081.jpgThe Brazilian Program for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) was set forth by the Federal Revenue’s Normative Instruction n.1,521/2014. The program will certify international trade stakeholders providing they can present low operational risks, concerning both cargo physical security and tax and customs compliance.
Those certified as Authorized Economic Operators may benefit from several operational preferences, including being able to use the AEO seal, which states the company’s reliability before clients and authorities. Continue reading