Window cleaning

I have the privilege of living in lofty heights. This was already the case when I was a child. Our skyscraper stood on a mountain, we lived on the 9th floor and had a phenomenal view of the city. At that time all windows could be opened, so it was my father’s job to clean them here and there.

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Shanghai versus Hong Kong

I visited both cities for the first time. And even though I had heard and read quite a few things about them, retrospectively I was not prepared for any of them.

All acquaintances adored Hong Kong. Perhaps my expectations were too high because of that but I was disappointed. Hong Kong in December was cold, loud, unfriendly and hectic. The masses of people, pushing and little vitality made me sad and upset. Countless times small dealers molested me on the street, tried to sell me watches and tailored suits. Read More »