Michaela Merz

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Freedom and its consequences

I love to sail the catamaran (Hobby Cat). That thing can be very fast and with wind force 5 BF one flies over the waves like a weightless bird.

I am a passionate sailor and prepared to endure some pain for the feeling of boundlessness in time and space. Since I am not a very good sailor but just a passionate one, my boat causes quite some pain to me. Don’t get me wrong. Masochism is not my scene. Continue reading


How Lotus saved me

I am on Kos. In Zurich it’s raining and cold. The weather is not worthy of the summer. Here in Kos it’s just marvellous. Sun, wind and sea. I am very well. Actually I am fantastic. That’s how relaxing summer holidays should be.

I am sailing a catamaran. It consists of two skids and two sails. I am hanging in my trapeze and race against wind and waves. It is a thrill of speed. Continue reading