The youngster from Oerlikon

It was an incredibly beautiful warm afternoon in late May. I was walking home slowly. A luxury. Normally I rush to get home on time, but today my youngest had gone swimming with colleagues and I knew he would come home late. There was no need to hurry. No-one was waiting for me.

I crossed the market square and observed the blossoming trees in all their glory. The air smelled of a mixture of lime blossom, grasses and slightly sweet. It wasn’t at all overpowering, but inviting and soothing. My soul and my body were in wonderful harmony and I was enjoying the moment of peace of mind.

This unique harmony was suddenly interrupted by a scolding, childish voice. The tone was lecturing, bossy and almost aggressive. The words were rough, harmful and some even vulgar. Read More »

Thoughtlessness in in the rope park

We had autumn holidays. It is still warm and sunny. We enjoy it with my little one (big one, by now 9 years old) outside with the bike, the canoe, on the stand-up paddleboard. My youngest one is a passionate climber, who cannot resist any tree. It is thus not surprising that he wanted us to visit a rope park.

The rope park in Gordola is within beautiful old trees. After careful instructions, equipped with helmet and gloves we went on our way. Read More »