Michaela Merz

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Czech Republic – How to fight against tax evasion

About 100 selected tax officers from various parts of the Czech Republic are coming these days to “help Prague” and to support inspections of taxpayers falling within the scope of Prague Tax Offices. Those authorities have been known for struggling with a lack of time and staff for carry out limited or full tax inspections on a regular basis. As one would expect, this inspired plenty of businesses who on purpose registered their seat in Prague, which further worsened the issue. Continue reading

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The Ticket Inspector (story I was told in Prague 25 years ago)

I am the sort of person who completes the tax return truthfully, who does not enter the crossroad when red light is on and who never is a stowaway. Since hardly anybody is always nice, also I happened to make a mistake. I had broken my leg and therefore I had to stay at home for almost two months. One evening the telephone rang and the hysterical voice of my hysterical friend who lived only several streets off me entreated me to come to her immediately. Then she hanged up the receiver. I tried to phone her back but I could not get through. Continue reading

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Red dress (story my school colleagues told me)

During my economics studies in Prague, a friend from Brno called me and asked me to come. He needed help right away. In his factory the workers had gone on strike. It was August and I had holidays. I was flattered that a factory director asked me for help. Continue reading

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An October Monday in Prague

Prague is a very vivid and pulsating city. There is a lot to see and, provided that one does not behave like a sterile tourist, there is also a lot to experience.

With my youngest one we went to visit the grandmother in Prague. After an exciting day with rambling, living sculptures, street musicians we just wanted to go home to stretch our legs. We went to the subway. The platform was full; we were in the afternoon rush-hour. The train arrives and the waiting mass moves in direction of the door. Continue reading

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Insurance questions

Do you know what is covered by your insurance policy? Or better, do you know what damages are not covered?

It is raining. Without end. After the hard winter and the inexistent spring it now looks as if we would get a rainy summer.

The pictures of the flooded villages and cities cause much pain for me. What suffering!! What blows of fate! Continue reading

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I was in Grindelwald. I wanted to go for a walk and the terrace path offered itself. One hour in the sun was a pleasant perspective. The street was partly narrow, since on both sides there was still quite high snow. After about half an hour I had the feeling of having a large vehicle in my back and stepped to the side and stopped. It was the public bus and it stopped next to me. The driver opened the window and said: Continue reading

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Queue at the ladies‘ toilet

Often I think that many architects do not sufficiently consider the gender-specific differences. At almost every major event and by this I don’t actually mean the Olympic Games but theatres, cinemas, etc. there is the phenomenon of queues at the ladies’ toilet. At the men’s toilet this phenomenon does not exist. I admit that modern buildings got a bit better but I still regularly queue at such locations. Continue reading