Michaela Merz

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How the police brought me to my knees

sup-blue-mist-compressEnd September. According to the weather forecast it is going to be one those glorious autumn days, which transform a normal Sunday into a perfect day. For the time being there was no sign of this. The mist was a thick white and blocked the view completely. Added to that the temperature was relatively low. Clearly the day still had to prove itself. But I was hell-bent on taking to the water and the mist was not going to stop me. Continue reading

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‎The blow which did not come

person-731492_640Last week Thursday the city police conducted a control at the tram station Guggach. One third of the cyclists (and two car drivers) had disregarded the red light. The cyclists were fined with 60 francs, the car drivers with 250 francs. Honestly, I would have fined the cyclists also with 250 francs or maybe even with 1000 francs. Possibly this could save lives or health. The number of injured or killed cyclists is increasing in the city of Zurich. I have the impression that the cyclists consider themselves above the law. It is true that usually they endanger themselves but the costs resulting from their lawless behaviour are borne by the community. Continue reading