Switzerland – protect your reputation register as per 1 of January 2018, respectively 1 of January 2019

Swiss VAT law places new obligations on foreign companies

The partial amendment to the Federal Law on Value Added Tax (VAT law) will impact companies not established in Switzerland from 1 January 2018. Businesses which are not based in Switzerland but provide supplies vis-à-vis Switzerland may be liable to pay Swiss VAT. This will apply in instances where a foreign company generates turnover in Switzerland, in other words in cases where Switzerland is the place of supply for the purposes of VAT. The following information outlines the VAT situation in Switzerland today and in the near future.Read More »

Serbia – Changes in the place of supply of services rules as from 1 of April 2017

735327_web_r_b_by_erich-westendarp_pixelio-deAt the end of 2016 the Serbian Parliament adopted important changes to the VAT law. As of 1 January 2017 foreign e-service suppliers are obliged to register for VAT in Serbia if they provide services for non-taxpayers.
Additionally, as of 1 April 2017 the general place of supply rules for services will be changed. Read More »

Russia – VAT treatment of agent’s finder’s fee

710885_web_R_by_Helga Hauke_pixelio.de

The Russian Ministry of Finance issued Letter No. 03-07-08/62571 confirming that the VAT treatment of client search services rendered by a Russian supplier to a non-resident company under an agency agreement is considered to have the place of supply where the service has been provided (Russia), and should be therefore subject to Russian VAT.Read More »