Anyone can be a carpenter

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The Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur has a new exhibition of cupboards. Last Sunday one could learn to be a carpenter at speed and construct a small cupboard oneself. We all went there with my youngest. It snowed the whole day and the temperature was low. We were happy to arrive in the warmth of the museum. A small group of curious people gathered on the second Sunday in Advent for a carpentry afternoon.Read More »

My name is Eugen

tmb_7179_Mein_Name_ist_Eugen-31The serious side of life begins at 13. That seems to be the message in the new musical in the MAAG Halle. Out of a classic book an experienced team of authors has made an entertaining musical with a lot of humour and wonderful ideas. I had expected the audience to be full of pubescent teenagers, but that was wrong. Almost all were adults. Perhaps for many it is a glance back to their own youth, to their time in the primary school when the book “My name is Eugen” was compulsory reading. Read More »